Virginity-Focused Sex Ed Shames Victims

Episode One features our Director, Jaime Winfree! She spoke to Cosmo about the current sex ed curriculum that is used in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

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LGBTQ Youth arn't getting the sex ed they deserve

Queer youth are routinely excluded from sex education curricula. Advocates in Philidelphia, PA share why LGBTQ youth deserve inclusive and comprehensive sex education.

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Religious Organizations are teaching sex ed in america's schools

Gina Tonello (Founder of Stop the Shaming) discusses the role that many Crisis Pregnancy Centers play in public school health education. These groups often teaching students biased and misleading information about sexuality and health.

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The Georgia Coalition for Advancing Sex Education advocates for curricula based on medically and scientifically accurate information while raising awareness about the negative consequences of abstinence-only education. Our purpose is to empower adolescents and young adults to make informed health decisions throughout their lives.

GCASE (GCCSE) has been covered by Cosmopolitan, the AJC, and the Huffington Post. Check out our blog to read more about the work we've been doing in Gwinnett County and the State of Georgia.