Meet the Team


Jaime Winfree, M.Ed.

Co-Founder & Director

Jaime co-founded GCASE  in 2017 with Tamara. She is a former GCPS teacher and a mother of two. She earned her Masters of Education at Georgia State University with a concentration in English Education. Jaime has led the collaboration between local advocacy groups both in and out of Georgia. Since 2017, she has brought much-needed attention to the state of sex education in Gwinnett County, as well as Georgia.


Tamara Ashley

Co-Founder & Liaison

Tamara co-founded GCCSE in 2017 with Jaime. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Atlanta and a longtime resident of Gwinnett. She has long been an active and passionate advocate for adolescent mental health. Tamara specializes in trauma, anxiety, sexual abuse, and abuse. Both Tamara’s daughters have gone through the “Choosing the Best” program and were the catalysts of the effort to change the sex education curricula in Gwinnett from Abstinence-based to comprehensive sex education.


Laura E. Anderson, MPH Candidate

Assistant to the Director

Laura is a former GCPS student who is currently earning her Masters of Public Health with a concentration in Health Management and Policy at Georgia State University. Laura’s interests are sexual and reproductive health, crisis pregnancy centers, and maternal and infant mortality. Due to her personal experience with “Choosing the Best” and having recently moved back to Gwinnett, she is excited to be a voice in the county shift towards comprehensive sex education.


Andrea Swartzendruber, P.hD

Research Consultant

Andrea is an Assistant Professor and earned her doctoral degree in Reproductive, Perinatal and Women's Health and her master's degree in Global Health.  Andrea's areas of expertise include sexual and reproductive health, adolescent health, maternal and child health, and women’s health policy.