The Sex Ed Crisis

Cosmopolitan interviewed our Director, Jaime Winfree, on sex ed in Gwinnett County. Lucky for us, Cosmo decided to conduct an investigation. They began looking for answers at the Crisis Pregnancy Center, Brookwood High School, and the Gwinnett County School Board. Unfortunately, even a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request from Cosmo wasn’t enough to loosen tight lips.

The Trump administration is now trying to accelerate this trend by pumping money into abstinence programs that have been scientifically proven not to work.


Cosmo also traveled to New York and Pennsylvania to interview local advocacy groups that are also fighting for comprehensive and inclusive sex education. They interviewed two of our partners, Gina Tonello of Stop the Shaming, and KC Miller of the Keystone Coalition for Advancing Sex Education.


You can access the three-part series and articles, here.

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